Vomo Resort Fiji

Cast your sight on one of the most popular romantic getaways in the Fiji Islands

Relish the uniqueness of the island way of life, the warmness and the inestimable accommodation of the group by getting away to the gem of the Fiji Islands. At Vomo Resort Fiji you could extricate up on your loft and permit the sun to alleviate your anxiety or hideaway in your comfortable completely cooled bure and nap mind unreservedly.

Treat yourself to the fresh water pool or even better, get a taste of what the South Pacific Ocean has to offer by navigating your way through the mysterious marine life. Additionally, challenge yourselves to one or all water sporting activities and if that does not trigger your inner adventurous spirit, get together with the qualified dive team on Vomo Resort Fiji to experience the magnificent underworld.

Due to the diversified cultures in Fiji, Vomo's sophisticated restaurant offers Pacific, Asian and European dishes that would pamper your taste buds and completely refine your appetite.

To experience this perfect romantic or family holiday, come and experience what paradise is at Vomo Resort Fiji and enjoy the majestic sights of the Resort.

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